Monday, November 13, 2006

Market Research

Interesting day Sunday. was hired by one of my accounts, a market research company. The director called me around 3:00pm nearing a "melt-down". Her project was not completed as directed. So I got dressed and drove to SF.

Off we went to Concord and Emeryville to visit two stores in each town. Circuit City and CompUSA . I actually help her participate in the survey. Trying to find out what salespeople knew about Laptops and Desktops (multifunction) systems.

Wow !! Just try finding a Salesperson to assist. And then, most were only interested in selling waranity programs. Very little knowledge of what we were looking for.

Now I know why I only shop at Best Buy. Those two stores were "pathetic".

Now, you might start to understand where a Limousine Business fits in and who hires us.

See you later in the week.................Jon


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Writer and Author from Harvard

Had taken a Client from WAC to the Oakland Airport last night. What a pleasure meeting her and conversing on the way over.

She has written a book: What Terrorist Want. And apparently going to be a Best Seller. She is orginally from Ireland and had experience with the IRA.

She will be returning to San Francisco in January to attend a conference at Stanford. Has asked that I be her driver when she returns.

Oh, must mention to you that I work with an Administrative person for two of my Clients whom has been with me for over 10 years. She is simply the BEST !! What a pleasure working with her. Had sent her Halloween Flowers this past week, just to say "Thank-you" You would have thought that I sent her a "Million Dollars". Very appreciative . Sometimes, it's very kind of people to let you know who much they enjoy what they receive.

Today's clients are the usual "suspects" Might tell you something about a few of them tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One of my Corporate Accounts

As you may or may not know, the Limousine Business is by appointment, rather than picking up "flags" along the streets.

The Business is based upon Individual accounts and Corporate accounts. One of those such accounts is the World Affairs Council. Hope I can mention that Account.

Anyhow, Have had many wonderful Speakers and Authors to take around the Bay Area to speaking engagements. Have one to take tonight to Oakland Airport.

One of the speakers writes a column for the New York times and appears on Public TV News weekly. This gentleman is simply a "down to earth" individual. What a pleasure to be able to speak to him. He enlightened me into the current Political termoil. what a pleasure to get this insight from such an expert. Never once talked over my head or even looked down to me.

The other person I met and drove around for two days was the former Chief of Staff for both Clinton and Bush, Sr. Not sure how this individual serves two parties and remains objective. He is well versed on his speaking subject of Politics. Although, has a very large "ego", and certainly thinks highly of himself. Although I'm sure he is very effective at Harvard where he teaches.

Have many more stories to tell about in the future.


Monday, November 06, 2006


Just a quick update on our friend 3$bill. First of all...he got "kicked to the curb" by his partner. He no longer is in a relationship. I was told by one of my sources that "Watch out SF".
He is on the loose. Probably will find him in the Mission in the "gutters" Those are the type of males he prefers. If you are interested in meeting him, let me know. I can tell you that he operates during the early morning hours. Claims he goes to the Gym in the Castro. but I know better. The "Street gyms" is more like it. Oh, he is in New York this week visiting family. Can you imagine what is doing ?


The Limousine Business

Well, finally! My last entry was in May. Had no idea how time slips away from us.

Of course, as most of followers know, I'm now in the Limousine Business. No more Cab driving. Although, many of my customers came with me into my Limo Business.

Had started out with one vehicle, now have four. Amazing how fast a business can grow.

The Clients are different that whom gets into a Cab. But, the behavior is still the same.
Many repeat clients. So one ends up knowing more and more about the clients. All good of course. And, yes there are those famous people who ride with me. Of course, they get dressed the same way you and I do. Have to deal with their "ego's" though. And will be telling you about a few of them in the future.

Many of my friends at YC have disappeared in a since. Some I do heasr from ocassionally. Although, my real good asociate's girlfriend has not even e-mailed me. She apparently has "X" me off her list. i think she is upset with me because of a referrral I made to her from a fellow Limo owner. Guess she had troble collecting money from him for a job she did on his website. Now I take the "brunt" for that. Oh well.

And as many of you have asked.........3$bill is alive and well. In New York this week. Will tell you later on about his behavior. Real juicy.

To be continued. Have a client to go meet at the Oakland Airport.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Caneros Valley Wineries

Had the pleasure to take one of my regular clients and his friends to Caneros Valley wineries last week-end. That area is located in the southern Sonoma area. Wow, what a treat. much better than going to Napa. this region is beautiful and scenic. Not too crowded, as is Napa. Napa reminds me of Fisherman's Wharf...t-shirt and luiggage shops.

anyhow, one of the more spectular wineries to visit is: Bouchaine. I was told by my client how great their white wine. And from personal observation and contact, the people as simply fantastic !! Which they are not at Artesia Winery. Yes, the view is great there, but everything else sucks.

Do highly recommend travels to the Los Canerous Region to taste wine.

As far as Plumbjack's Canerous Inn..........Do not recommend. Way too expensive, 590.00 and up per nite. Plus, I wrote the Mayor of SF (part owner) and Inn Keeper, and the staff. Not even a reply from four different individuals who receivedd hard copy of letters. Was complimenting the staff when I had been there to pick-up clients. No wonder the Mayor of SF does such a poor job managing the city.

#$Bill's Hollywood friend

Once again I got "kicked to the curb" !! His Hollywood friend came to SF to take him out to the theater. And once again, they did not use my Limo service. Amazing. Now I'm told they are going to the Giants Baseball game on July 23rd. This will be interesting to see if they use me or not. This time their should be no excuse like he already has a car service or takes a cab. I woner what really is going on? Is this all imaginery of 3$Bill's part? Or is hiding something about his new found Hollywood actor/producer? Let me know your thoughts.

Oh, almost forgot. His new hangout location is in the Mission district. Just imagine the seedeist neighborhood in your city. Then you will understand the area. Wow, has 3$bill go downhill quick. From dating a Hollwood celeberity to the street corners of the mission. Whats wrong with this picture?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

3$Bill's new spot

Forgot to mention 3$Bills new "Hang-out" Wait till you hear about this story. Next writing.

San Francisco Trannies and the Southern Man

Here we go again. My last Cab event. Wow. Am I glad those days are behind me. Now working with only professional clients. Oh forgot....there is still 3$bill left. Wait till I tell you where he was last wekk !!

Anyhow, pick-up this fare down near lst and Mission. Wants to go to the "Tranny" area. That is Tranvesttes. He slinks down in the seat as not to be seen. Of course, he too is from that wonderful Southern state of Alabama. These people must be so deprived. Come to SF to explore their fantasies. I;m not sure he remembered where hje left his rental car at lst and Mission. But I do know he had a midnight flight back home. Anyhow, he starts asking all kinds of questions about TV's. So I explain as much as I can, whithout the help of 3$bill. Wish he had been along. They are right down his alley, so to speak. So I took him to Post and Polk where they hang out. Then to show him their bar. I furthered explained to him not to look at them as if they were freaks. And to be careful as they can be prone to violence when make fun of...

So he explained to me that he was just curious. Right. I know exactly what he wanted to do. Experiement with his fantasies.

The meter was $ 6.00 And at the same time he was paying me, he asked if he could call me to take him back to his car, as he wasn't quite sure where he parked. So I gave him my number.
He then gave me exactly 6.00.....NO tip!! Despite the fact that I Coached him and gave suggestions, etc. So I said to myself...your on your own tonight. Don't plan n me coming back.
So when my phone did ring later in the evening with an unknown area code, I did not answer.

How's that for payback. These guys from Alabama really need to understand the service industry.

Think he ever made his flight?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wine Country Tours -------Napa

Will be going to Napa on another tour in the Limousine with parents of one of my Clients from Miami tomorrow. More details to follow after the tour. Oh, by the way NEVER NEVER stop at "Cakebread Winery"............bad news help, rude and all that stuff.

Oh, one more Cab story about another Southern Boy from Alabama. amazing how things run in twos. One this one was interested in Tranny's. Check in tomorrow.