Monday, November 13, 2006

Market Research

Interesting day Sunday. was hired by one of my accounts, a market research company. The director called me around 3:00pm nearing a "melt-down". Her project was not completed as directed. So I got dressed and drove to SF.

Off we went to Concord and Emeryville to visit two stores in each town. Circuit City and CompUSA . I actually help her participate in the survey. Trying to find out what salespeople knew about Laptops and Desktops (multifunction) systems.

Wow !! Just try finding a Salesperson to assist. And then, most were only interested in selling waranity programs. Very little knowledge of what we were looking for.

Now I know why I only shop at Best Buy. Those two stores were "pathetic".

Now, you might start to understand where a Limousine Business fits in and who hires us.

See you later in the week.................Jon



Anonymous hollywood limo said...

Had taken a Client from WAC to the Oakland Airport last night. What a pleasure meeting her and conversing on the way over.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Henry Krinkle said...

It's just too much for me to go out to those "big box" stores. Online is just so much easier, cheaper, and faster. In all fairness I still do shop at Fry's for my electronics. Life sure is getting busy, I like to sit and think sometimes about what it would have been like to grow up in simpler times. Like the 50's...

9:43 PM  
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